Ice Damming, and Other Common Winter Roofing Woes


A white, snowy winter is something we all enjoy, from afar. But, once the snow turns to slush or ice, backs up traffic, or hurts our homes, that stops. Winter brings the possibility of several problems occurring on the exterior of your home. Snowy, icey, and cold weather conditions can lead to several issues, such as ice damming. Areas like the greater Cincinnati region are extremely prone to ice damming due to temperatures frequently fluctuating above and below freezing. 

What is Ice Damming?

Ice damming can usually be found on the eves of your home after ice and snow form on your roof. It occurs when the attic of your home has higher temperatures than the exterior. This can melt the bottom layer of snow or ice, which will then flow to the eves and refreeze due to the eves’ cooler temperatures from being extended out from the home itself. Ice dams can cause major damage to your home by pulling off shingles and gutters during its formation. It can also cover gutters completely, leading to even further damage to your home from improper drainage.


Ice damming can be prevented by making sure your entire roof has properly sealed shingles. Lifted and torn-off shingles are a common result of ice damming and can lead to leaks as well as damaged decking.


It is also crucial to have proper ventilation in your attic. Our preferred method of ventilation is the GAF Cobra® SnowCountry® Advanced Premium Exhaust Vent. Ridge venting helps to regulate the temperature of your attic by helping to release the heat that, in other circumstances, would encourage the formation of ice dams. The GAF Cobra Snow Country Ridge vent also effectively releases moisture from the attic, helping maintain the integrity of your insulation and decking as well. 


One more way to protect your home from winter woes is to have the proper underlayments and accessories installed. During our roofing process, we use products like Ice and Water Shield to ensure that we do our best to protect your home. Ice and Water Shield creates a membrane around your roof to work against damages from winter storms, whether rain or snow, and ice buildup.

Snow Damage

Another common cause of damage to your roof in the winter months is snow damage to your roof. A heavy accumulation of snow on your roof can cause your roof to sag or even collapse. While we warn you not to get on your roof in the snow, you can work to combat this by knocking snow down with a roof rake. The best way to get ahead of this is with a free roof inspection to determine the condition of the shingles and the roof decking underneath.


We strive to have each of our customers not only love how their roof looks, but also how it feels to be worry-free. Although we can’t control Mother Nature, we can make sure that your home is protected from her by using the best materials available and offering multiple warranties through our manufacturer. 


These common problems can affect every home regardless of age. Getting ahead of them can save you headaches and thousands of dollars down the line. American Home Tech is a full-service roofing company offering free roof inspections in the Cincinnati/ NKY/ Dayton areas. Contact us today for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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