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Insurance Specialists

Let us help you get the most from your insurance policy.

At American Home Tech, one of our founding principles is helping our customers achieve their home improvement goals at a price point that fits their budget. One of the ways that we accomplish this is through our dedicated team of insurance specialists. Our local, Cincinnati Insurance specialists are here to help you with your insurance claim for your roof replacement, gutter replacement, or siding replacement. At American Home Tech, we have insurance specialists in office to help you navigate the processes of your insurance claim leaving you with only your deductible!

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Can I get new roofing, siding or gutters covered by insurance?

As a Cincinnati homeowner, the answer to this question could save you thousands of dollars as you consider a roof replacement.

American Home Tech’s Insurance Specialists will be by your side to fully handle your claim and billing from your insurance company to give you one less thing to worry about during the process.

Was your insurance claim denied or not sufficient for the work needed? Our team will go to work with the experience and knowledge of the insurance industry needed to get your claim the coverage needed.

Wondering what the insurance claim process looks like?

Step 1: At the initial inspection, one of our roofing specialists will come out to your home and carefully inspect your roof, siding, or gutters for damage while taking pictures and documenting all noticeable damage. If the roofing specialist finds enough damage to warrant an insurance claim, they will be there with you to call in the claim to your insurance company.

Step 2: A couple of days after the claim has been filed an adjuster will schedule a time to come to your home to inspect the damages. An AHT rep will meet the adjuster at the home to ensure that they are marking all of the same damages as documented in the original inspection. 

Step 3: Your insurance will write an estimate for the exterior damages. Depending on the damages, your insurance company, and your policy they will write for either a full roof replacement or a partial roof repair. If it is a full replacement, we will schedule your build based on the scope of work from the insurance estimate! If it is a partial repair, our team of insurance specialists will go to work and use a variety of different methods to get the insurance company to cover the full replacement that you deserve.

Step 4: After settling on a final scope of work with the insurance company, we will collect your deductible. Once an agreement is reached, you can start choosing colors and materials for your new roof and the build can begin!

Step 5: Once the work is completed, we will file all necessary completion documents to the insurance for you and collect the final insurance check. We will then file your warranty for you and your job is complete!

Under the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Acts (UCSPA), your insurer can't drop you or raise your rates when filing under a catastrophic storm date. Knowing the deadline for filing these claims is important.

Each insurance carrier has unique roadblocks and American Home Tech has the experience and expertise to navigate them. Whether it's wind damage to your roof, flood damage to your basement, or any disaster in between, we are ready to lead you through your claim to maximize your relief (perhaps entirely)!

You're one step closer to turning your house into a home.

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