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Insurance Specialists

Let us help you get the most from your insurance policy.

When disaster strikes, American Home Tech allows you to focus on what matters most – repairing your home to restore a sense of security for your family. Our insurance specialists work with all the major carriers to help you begin the recovery process and ensure you get what you deserve from your insurance provider. We work to negotiate and provide the needed support to secure full coverage, whenever possible, for the damage.

Under the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Acts (UCSPA), your insurer can't drop you or raise your rates when filing under a catastrophic storm date. Knowing the deadline for filing these claims is important.

Each insurance carrier has unique roadblocks and American Home Tech has the experience and expertise to navigate them. Whether it's wind damage to your roof, flood damage to your basement, or any disaster in between, we are ready to lead you through your claim to maximize your relief (perhaps entirely)!

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